Steelhead fishing in Alaska preview

    Photo Courtesy: Adam Mikulich

    (KUTV) - Adam Mikulich is once again planning to take everyone on a fishing trip in Alaska! Adam’s Aunt & Uncle, Bruce & Peggy Gipple, own a charter operation out of Sitka, Alaska called Horizon West, and in previous years Adam has come back from a visit with plenty of footage catching Salmon and Halibut. One of the new ventures at Horizon West has been The Huntress, a sixty foot charter vessel able to take patrons into the deep, deep rough of Alaska, and venture into the woods in-search of Steelhead Trout! Wednesday night on Talkin’ Sports Adam shared a preview of a story he’s going to run on Sunday. There’s even a grizzly bear encounter. Be sure and pass this along to the outdoor enthusiast in your family!

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