Are the Winter Olympics ready to make a return to Utah?

winter Olympics.PNG

(KUTV) While the 2018 Olympics are underway in South Korea, momentum is gathering for Salt Lake City to bring the Winter Games back to Utah in 2026 or 2030. Utah hosted in 2002 but the games haven’t been in North America since Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Salt Lake City plans to use many of the same facilities, which would limit costs and might make the bid more appealing to the US Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee. Salt Lake will probably have to compete with Denver and Reno/Tahoe for the U.S. bid. If SLC is selected, it would probably have to compete with former hosts in Calgary, Canada (1988) and Sapporo, Japan (1972) as well as a potential bid from Sion, Switzerland. David James talked Olympic bids with Jeff Robbins, President and CEO of the Utah Sports Commission. Watch the interview here.

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