Wildcats face critical test vs Eastern Washington

Weber State faces a tough test at Eastern Washington this weekend (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - The Weber State Wildcats have a huge game Saturday at Eastern Washington. The winner will have the inside track to a playoff berth while the loser will be on the bubble.

Here is a little history. The Big Sky is one of the better conferences at the FCS level. Four years ago the FCS playoff bracket was expanded to 24 teams and since then the Big Sky has earned three bids one year and five bids another. Two other times four teams were invited to the post-season. Northern Arizona is last undefeated team in the conference and in the bloated 13 team league, NAU doesn’t play Eastern Washington or Weber State, but the Lumberjacks do close the season with Southern Utah. SUU, EWU and Weber State all have one loss. SUU is excellent shape for a playoff berth because the Thunderbirds have beaten Weber State and Eastern Washington. The key to this weekend’s game, the Wildcats-Eagle winner will be set up to finish at least third, barring major upsets. The loser will be 4th and on the playoff bubble, probably in, but sweating bullets at the end.

Watch this story on the game and see coach Jay Hill’s and quarterback’s Stefan Cantwell’s thoughts on the big game and the playoff race.

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