Escape into Nature on the Stunning Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

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If you’re desperate to soak in the goodness of nature’s bounty, a weekend drive along Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is just what the doctor ordered.

The hustle and bustle of fall activities can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. If you’re dying to get away from the action and soak in the goodness of nature’s bounty, a weekend drive along Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is just what the doctor ordered.

Head to Evanston, WY to pick up the Route 150, then head south and enjoy some of the highlights listed below.

The Historical Tie Hacker’s Cabin at the Bear River Ranger Station

“Tie hackers” or “tie cutters” were the loggers who harvested wood and cut it into railroad ties during the 1860s to the 1920s. Using big, heavy broad axes, these men could cut and shape a tie in only 17 minutes. At night, they rested in small cabins they constructed themselves. It was hard but lucrative work, and the products of tie hackers’ labor were crucial to the establishment and maintenance of the Transcontinental Railroad.

You can visit a refurbished tie hacker’s cabin at the Bear River Ranger Station to step back in time, examine the tools that tie hackers used and learn more about this exciting period in U.S. history.

Mirror Lake

The namesake of the eponymous Mirror Lake Highway, this stop is a must. White fir trees frame Mirror Lake’s crystalline waters and the nearby hills of Bald Mountain tower regally over the scene.

Mirror Lake also has a nearby campground and amenities including toilets, camping sites, a boat ramp, campfire rings, equestrian sites and a picnic area. Those visiting the area enjoy fishing, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and biking. If you’re into any of the above, bring your gear for a great time.

Provo River Falls

Because much of the Scenic Byway runs alongside the Provo River, you’ll have lots of opportunities to gaze upon its clear, flowing waters. Arguably the best vantage point is the one that looks out at the Provo River Falls.

Between mile markers 23 and 24 is a parking lot with a short walking path to the main overlook. Walk down the path to see more sections of the falls and snap a few pictures with the beautiful cascading water as a backdrop.

Littler Lakes

Mirror Lake is vast and voluminous, but there are several smaller lakes scattered along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. Trails run around and alongside many of these lakes, providing lovely views and opportunities for fishing, hiking, biking and even horseback riding! A few stops to consider include:

Whether you want to add camping, fishing and hunting to your adventure or just drive and hike around various stops on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, this is a getaway with picturesque vistas you won’t soon forget. Fall is an especially nice time to explore because of the beauty of the foliage and the nice, cool temperatures that make longer hikes infinitely more pleasant.

If you’re ready for your autumn adventure, head to Evanston, Wyoming to pick up Route 150, then head south for a special scenic drive. Want to spend the night before setting out on your drive? Learn more at