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11 Most Mouthwatering Burritos in Utah

Best Burritos in Utah


Burritos: these delightful combinations of meat, rice and beans (and anything else you can imagine) evoke within us a deep sense of palate satiation and longing for the next time we can partake in the burrito-y goodness.

Utah is not lacking in great burritos. There are innumerable spots from Logan to St. George, all vying for our hungry mouths, all claiming to have some unique draw over another. Today, we narrow down this list to 11. In no certain order, here are the definitive top 11 burritos in Utah.

Lone Star Taqueria

A popular favorite in the Cottonwood area, Lone Star Taqueria, small in size but big on flavor and portions, is a perfect place to chow down after a great day of skiing up the canyon. Featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," Lone Star Taqueria, with its authentic taste and amazing lard-fried tortilla chips, is an easy choice for a burrito.


Speaking of authentic, if you haven't been to Chunga's in Rose Park, you're missing out on some mind-blowing flavorful food. Relatively inexpensive, with meat served al-pastor (if you don't know what that is, just order it. It will change your life.), Chunga's burritos are super tasty and a great deal. Careful though, you might get hooked.


Many people confuse Alberto's with Beto's, but this should not be. While Beto's offers decent food in a pinch, take the extra five minutes to seek out Alberto's. Finding quality, hot, burritos downtown at this price point is tough to beat. The owner is in daily helping out and making sure customers are satisfied. This also may just be the cleanest burrito spot in the valley; it's always pristinely taken care of inside. Don't forget the free horchata on Tuesdays.


I know what you're thinking, "Maverik for a burrito, really?" Yes. The "Mother of All Burritos" or, MOAB as Maverik refers to it, is pretty awesome, and immensely filling. Made fresh daily in store, these 1-pound burritos have eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and hash browns. Wrapped in a 12-inch tortilla, this is a solid option for those on the go to their next adventure. And the best thing about the MOAB? You can find it wherever there is a Maverik; fill up your car and yourself.

Lorena's Restaurant

Located in Woods Cross, Lorena's has almost a cult-like following. Their burritos are inexpensive, big, saucy and very tasty. Make sure to get it smothered. Located right off the 2600 South exit in Woods Cross, Lorena's is worth a stop by anytime you're in the area.

Cafe Sabor

This is for all you Aggies who just clicked on this article to see if Cafe Sabor made the cut. It did. And for all you that haven't been to the Logan or Bear Lake locations (and soon to be Layton), Cafe Sabor is worth the drive. With its inviting atmosphere and reliably good food (don't forget the carne asada fries), Cafe Sabor is a solid choice.


Formerly known as Molca Salsa, Hector's is yet another small on the outside, big on value and taste on the inside place. A favorite for those in the Millcreek area, Hector's offers family cooked food and quality for a great price. Stop by and grab a California burrito one day, you won't be disappointed.

Nacho House

Just 10 minutes north of downtown in Bountiful is an easy-to-miss place called Nacho House. Don't let the mini-strip mall facade fool you. This small family-run restaurant offers some pretty amazing burritos. Be sure to check out the jumbo white burrito and the fat burrito. All ingredients are provided fresh daily making for a very flavorful experience.

Mountain West (giant burrito)

A local favorite in Provo, this place is all about burritos. Feeling adventurous? Try their giant burrito. It costs $15 and is sure to fill you up to your eyeballs, if you finish.

Red Iguana 1&2

Perhaps Utah's most famous and popular Mexican food places, the Red Iguana restaurants always make the cut, and for good reason. Highly rated on Google, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Zagat and featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," you would be hard-pressed to find a better all-around authentic burrito then here, if you can stand the wait times.

Baja Cantina

Looking for a great burrito just after hitting the slopes in Park City? The quaint Baja Cantina will, no doubt, satisfy your hunger from the day. While closed for the offseason now, they will open again May 20. Try out the fan favorite "The Prospector" burrito; you won't be disappointed.