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Motorcycle Safety in Summer

Motorcycle Safety

Summer is probably the best time of year to head out on two wheels. The weather is warm, the weekends are long and the act of getting to your destination becomes an adventure in itself. But motorcycle riding has plenty of hazards, some of which are more prevalent in summer. Here are some tips on staying safe when you hit the road.

1. Invest in the right gear.

It is still essential to wear protective gear when riding during warmer months, but you'll also want to protect yourself from overheating. Dress in light layers and look into cooler options for your helmet gloves and eyewear.

2. Get a refresher.

In safety, that is. Summer is a great time to take a safety refresher course. There are more cars and inexperienced drivers during this season, and a review of motorcycle safety can help you be on the defensive when you share the road.

3. Check the weather.

We'd love for the sun to be shining and the skies to be clear everyday between June-September. Unfortunately, that just isn't the case. Thunderstorms pop up, heat waves roll through and it can get cold when the sun goes down. Check the weather along your entire route and plan accordingly.

4. Know the limits of your tires.

A ride around the state and you should be fine. A ride around the country could reduce the tread of your tires to unsafe levels. Higher than normal speeds, improper inflation and heavier than normal loads can all speed up tire wear. Check your tires before you take off on a long trip and have them replaced if you have any concerns.

5. Respect other drivers (of both two- and four-wheels).

Riding on the open road in a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom, but don't forget you still have to obey the law. Don't weave in and out of traffic, use your blinkers and don't cut off other drivers. It may be tempting to push the speed limit, but you have a better chance of avoiding and accident (or a ticket) if you stay at or below posted limits.

Motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer serious and fatal injuries in an accident than drivers and passengers in automobiles. Take proper precautions this summer to make every ride a safe and fun one.

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