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How the Return of Summer Can Affect Your Drive

Summer Drive

The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend, came and went and the temperatures are heating up. That means more of us are getting behind the wheel for summer road trips and long weekend getaways. With the ice and snow of winter and the storms of spring left in the dust, everything should be smooth sailing on the road, right?

Unfortunately, summer brings it's own set of driving hazards. Here are some to look out for the next time you hit the gas.

Teen drivers

School's out, and that means more young drivers are on the road at all hours of the day. Lack of experience can sometimes lead to a lack of proper judgment behind the wheel, resulting in teens being the age group most likely to end up in an accident. If you spot a young driver, give them some room.

Tire blowouts

Summer means warm temperatures and warm temperatures mean the air inside your tires will begin to expand. This can increase the risk of a blowout while driving, especially if your tires are worn. If your tires need replacing and there's a heat wave on the way, don't delay.


The sunny days of summer mean more construction and repairs on or near the roads. Tar and loose particles are a common site and can cause cracked headlamps and windshields. Construction also brings more people on the roads, so remember to be extra cautious and obey posted speed limits when traveling through a construction zone.

More Cars

You're going to the beach for the weekend? So is your coworker, and your boss, and your neighbor. There are a lot more cars on the road during the summer, which can lead to inevitable slowdowns and traffic jams. To top it off, vacationing drivers are often unfamiliar with roads and can drive slowly or erratically. Pack your patience.

Summer is a great time to enjoy gorgeous weather and scenery from behind the wheel of your car. Be aware of potential hazards and enjoy the season.

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