Video: Plumber, firefighter and veterinarian work to free kitten stuck in toilet

    This little kitten was trapped in a toilet for hours. (ViralHog via CNN Newsource)

    It took several hours, a plumber, a firefighter, a veterinarian and two dedicated pet owners to rescue a newly adopted kitten from the clutches of an American Standard toilet

    The cat's owner, New-Brunswich, Canada resident Alain Clavette, captured the harrowing incident on camera (and later edited in an adventurous score).

    The kitten had not been home 48 hours before curiosity got the better of the little one.

    In the video, we can see the kitten struggles to pull its head out of a tiny hole at the base of the toilet. The make and model of the toilet was included in the video to serve as a warning to other small pet owners.

    At the conclusion of the seven-minute clip, Clavette asks, "now how do you name a cat that has been stuck in a toilet or a cat that puts its head where is shouldn't? Suggestions accepted."

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