Michigan police department swears in police cat for special feline unit

    Troy Police Department swore in "Pawfficer" Donut on Friday. (Photo Courtesy: Troy Police Department)

    TROY, Mich. (WWMT) - The Troy Police Department deputized the second candidate for its special feline unit on Friday.

    “Pawfficer” Donut was sworn in by a judge during a ceremony for the unit, which is meant to be used for therapeutic purposes and public appearances.

    “Pawfficer” Badges, the first candidate for the position, was diagnosed with feline leukemia, a disease that is often fatal and can be transmitted to other cats.

    The Troy Police Department tweeted that Badges with always be the first “pawfficer.”

    The department has also set up a merchandise page for anyone looking to buy Troy Police Feline Unit apparel. All proceeds go to the Michigan Humane Society.

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