National Day of Unplugging challenges you to unplug for 24 hours

    (Photo: MGN)

    (WKEF/WRGT) - Be honest, how much time do you spend on your digital devices every day?

    If we're being honest, you'd probably say you spend too much time scrolling on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    From sundown today, March 9, until sundown March 10, a national movement is asking you to unplug. The National Day of Unplugging is a global movement, that hopes to "highlight the value of disconnecting to digital devices to connect with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities in real time."

    Online, the National Day of Unplugging site sells cell phone sleeping bags for you put your phone in and take a break from technology. It even has a poster you can download yourself to take the pledge to unplug.

    National Unplugging Day challenges you to unplug for 24 hours (Courtesy: National Unplugging Day)

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