Doorstep surveillance cameras capture package thieves in the act

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    WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - With the increase in the number of packages showing up on people's doorsteps from online shopping, so has the number of package thefts.

    Some residents are fighting back against these thefts and installing security cameras to catch the culprits in the act. Products like Nest and Ring will alert homeowners when someone is near the front door.

    In Boynton Beach, Florida in June 2017 one woman caught a young man hop out his white car stroll up to the front door and take her package, WPEC reported. It was only after her dog is heard barking in the background does the thief dash back to the vehicle to make a getaway.

    In the same town about a month later in July, a serial package thief was arrested by authorities. One of the victims lived in a gated complex that required keyfob entry. Her items were later recovered at a local pawn shop, according to WPEC.

    In Portland, Oregon, KATU reported on one package thief that left behind a note for the victim. It read "Hey! Thank you for the package!" The video shows the young woman with her hair tied back in a bun first bending over to take out a notebook and write the note before taking the package. The resident hoped by releasing the video, someone might identify they women the video.

    Some victims have decided to get even with these package thieves. Authorities have advised against this tactic and prefer residents to file a report for the missing item. In Hillsboro, Oregon one mother ordered some clothes for Christmas for her baby but the package was taken. She then filled a large box with about 10 to 15 dirty diapers and a note that read "Enjoy this, you thief," according to KATU. Her husband said the incident has encouraged them to install surveillance cameras.

    Although, not all thefts go according to plan and surveillance cameras have caught these bungled jobs as well.

    In Everett, Washington, one resident witnessed a woman take three packages from her front porch. As the thief tried to make a getaway she slipped dropping the packages and injuring her ankle, according to KOMO news. The suspects were later caught and arrested.

    The United State Postal Service predicted they would deliver an estimated 850 million packages for the 2017 holiday season. Authorities advise consumers to remain vigilant in tracking their packages and when possible, require a signature for package delivery.

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