Boy discovers family of 5 shot to death inside their Delaware home

Delaware home where a family of five was found shot to death. (Photo: Google Earth Pro)

(KUTV) — A neighborhood boy discovered a family of five shot to death inside a Delaware home in what state police say was a murder and suicide.

A CBS affiliate in Philadelphia reported that the boy, ran out of the home about 7:30 p.m. Monday.

"A neighbor said she watched him get out of a red truck, go inside the house and then rush right back out, so apparently he had to have found them 'cause no one else was around," neighbor Alisha Garvin said.

Police responded to an emergency call and autopsies determined the deaths to be caused by gunshots as part of a murder and suicide. The shooter was identified as Matthew Edwards, 42, his wife Julie Edwards 41 and their three children who were not named but were known to be a 6-year-old boy, a 4-year-old girl and a younger boy, 3, according to a CBS report.

“This is just so sad,” Garvin said.

The Associated Press spoke with neighbor Wilfredo Rivera, 60, who said he saw the father and children at their home Sunday and spoke to Matthew Edwards. He said the children were playing with scooters while Matthew Edwards was in and out of the home.

"He told me he was having marital problems," Rivera said to AP. The couple reportedly had lived in the home for more than a decade.

DelawareOnline reported Edwards had no criminal history and that the killings have the community reeling.

A neighbor also reported hearing a popping sound earlier in the day but thought it was fireworks

A GoFundMe page has been started for the family's funerals.

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