Victim identified in fatal Clinton drive-by shooting

Victim identified in fatal Clinton drive-by shooting (Patrick Fitzgibbon, KUTV)

(KUTV) - Police identified the man found dead in a car after a drive-by shooting in Clinton.

According to Lt. Shawn Stoker, 21-year-old Devon Gallegos was found dead inside a car parked near 300 South State Street in Clearfield after a drive-by shooting in the area of 1000 West near 1100 North around 9:30 Monday evening.

Police are now asking for witnesses to come forward to help piece together what happened and track down the suspects.

“At this point, we don’t know what sparked this. We do believe that several people were present. Their level of involvement, we’re not sure of,” Stoker said.

Neighbors said the area is generally quiet, except for the one house that was apparently targeted.

“Last week there was about 12 cop cars. It’s very common to see that here, especially with that house,” said Arturo Coria, who lives across the street. “It sucks because like I said, you think you live in a safe neighborhood and then this happens? It honestly just gets annoying. There are always cops there. Are things getting done?”

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