Utah National Guard sends 15 soldiers to Afghanistan

Utah National Guard sends 15 soldiers to Afghanistan. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — While most families rejoice together during the holidays, approximately fifteen Utah Guard families are saying goodbye to their loved ones at a departure ceremony to be held Thursday at the Utah Guard Headquarters.

These Soldiers from Utah Guard’s 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion are set to deploy to Afghanistan with the mission to process and analyze country-wide information collected to enable U.S. forces to gain a better understanding of the battlefield and fight enemy insurgents.

Deploying Soldiers will travel to Fort Hood, Texas, and then Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for several weeks of deployment-specific training before heading overseas for a planned 12-month deployment in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel.

“We are very proud of our service members who provide invaluable technical skills to all those in the region,” said Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn, public affairs officer for the Utah Guard. “We are thankful for their service and mindful of the sacrifice of these members and their families for our nation’s defense.”

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