Utah leaders react to the presidents call for airstrikes against Syria

Utah leaders react to the president's call for airstrikes against Syria

(KUTV)- Utah representatives reacted Friday evening to the military airstrikes Trump ordered on Syria following last weeks alleged chemical attacks on civilians.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Rep. John Curtis, Rep. Chris Stewart, US Sen. Mike Lee, and Rep. Mia Love all released statements in regards to the military strikes.

"The response, deliberated meticulously with international partners and carried out with their backing and participation, reflects the president's commitment to restoring America's leadership in bringing Assad and his backers to justice," Hatch said on Twitter.

Rep. John Curtis, a Republican representing Utah’s Third District, stated:

“Tonight, America and our allies are sending a clear message that we will not stand idly by while the Syrian Regime uses chemical weapons on it’s own civilians. My prayers are with our brave military men and women.”

Rep. Chris Stewart praised President Donald Trump in a Tweet saying he "did the right thing in ordering strikes on Syrian chemical weapons and military facilities. We must show the world that we are serious when we state that we will not allow dictators to use weapons of mass destruction."

U.S. Sen Mike Lee also said he was focused on the safety of U.S. military members in Syria.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the American service men and women in harm's way tonight," Lee said in a tweet.

Rep. Mia Love, a Republican representing Utah’s Fourth District, stated:

“Tonight the United States took decisive and precise action in reaction to atrocious human rights violations by a murderous regime in Syria. We stand together as a nation. God bless our brave servicemen and women who are in harm’s way and serving our country.”

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