Uptick in car burglaries in Lehi


(KUTV)- A dozen car burglaries, two suspects, and one common denominator---all of the vehicle doors were unlocked."The glove box was opened, and the console was open," Jennifer Kielkowski said, who saw on Wednesday morning that people had been in her car.

"I didn't have anything valuable for them to take."

Still, they rifled through papers in her car, may have taken some change, but left an important piece of equipment for Jennifer's profession as a medical doctor.

"They left the stethoscope," she said.

Jennifer worked late the night before, after several days of long shifts. Tired, when she got home, she did not lock her car doors.

Neither did her husband or her mother-in-law. His losses may be close to $200 cash---in $2 bills---hers, just one dollar.

"We had a drone that's been stolen, we've had a tablet," Lt. Jeff Swenson,with Lehi police, said. "Some of the property they didn't want they would discard on lawns along the way."

Swenson said that included a piece of an AR-15 rifle.

Police released surveillance video of the suspects from a home security system, and say the pair used a stolen credit card at a local convenience store.

Officers on Wednesday we're still trying to get their hands on the store video.

The smash(less) and grab burglaries happened overnight from roughly 1600 to 2400 North to 1900 to 2500 West in Lehi.

"The biggest thing is vehicles were unlocked," Swenson said.

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