Unpaved roads causing issues in booming Herriman

Unpaved roads causing issues in booming Herriman (KUTV)

(KUTV) - The Herriman community is speaking out about a pothole problem that continues to worsen as more homes go up in the area.

Development is booming but the issues center around Gina Road and McCuiston Avenue -- neither are paved - and some residents have already spent thousands of dollars fixing their cars.

One resident tells us, children also use McCuiston to walk to and from school - meaning there's a huge safety issue with dirt and dust being kicked up, along with cars trying to navigate the bumps.

The city did put in a sidewalk there for the kids - but cars have used it to avoid the bumps.

The real issue is about right of way. To step in and pave the roads the city needs the homeowners on both to give up their rights. On Gina, several homeowners have refused to do that. Those on McCuiston are more open to the idea, as long as they don't have to give up part of their yards too.

Sherrie Ohrn just got elected to the city council and getting these two roads paved was one of the reasons she ran for office. She lives in the area and is all too familiar with the problem. She says if they can get McCuiston done at least, that would be a major help. She's hoping they can get it into the budget this year -- which would mean the earliest start date on that paving would be February/March of 2019.

The cost of paving McCuiston is estimated at $500,000. For Gina, it's more like $1,300,000.

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