Trolley Square massacre anniversary: survivor speaks against Utah legislation

    Trolley Square massacre anniversary: survivor speaks against Utah legislation (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) - On the 11th anniversary of the massacre at Trolley Square in Salt Lake, Carolyn Tuft, a survivor of that shooting who lost her daughter that day, spent the day at Utah's Capitol Hill joining the effort to lobby against a bill that seeks to enhance the self defense bill already on the books in Utah.

    "There's no reason to have these senseless bills that make it easier for people to kill, said Tuft.

    Rep. Cory Maloy of Lehi said the goal of the bill is not to promote guns.

    Instead, the legislation he is sponsoring seeks to keep the courts and prosecutors from second-guessing a person who decides to use a gun or any other weapon to protect himself in the face of danger.

    "If I use self-defense, the judge and prosecutors can't sit there and ask me how come I didn't retreat," he said.

    The House of Representatives passed the bill which now moves on to the Senate.

    Tuft was on Capitol Hill with a group of mothers with Everytown for Gun Safety, who speak out against gun violence.

    Tuft said she lives with growing heartache knowing that her daughter will never return.

    Kirsten was a teenager when the gunman entered the mall on February 12th, 2007 and began firing.

    The mother and daughter were lying on the floor already wounded when the gunman shot them again at point-blank range.

    "I miss her more than ever," she said of her daughter.

    Tuft said she lives in great physical pain too since the shooting. She lost part of her arm and shoulder.

    Her body has bullet fragments everywhere and the lead poisoning causes her to feel like she has the flu all the time.

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