Tooele County puts Utah Motorsports Campus up for sale

Tooele County puts Utah Motorsports Campus up for sale (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- Tooele County announced Wednesday that Utah Motorsports Campus, previously known as Miller Motor Sports Park, has been posted for sale.

The track, buildings, and all physical assets and the 511 acres of property are part of the packaged sale announcement. According to officials, tenant leases and current event contracts are not guaranteed within the track facility sale offering.

“We are proud to be home to a world-class race track and event facility. We believe the track will be best managed and will have the most impact for Tooele County and the State of Utah under the ownership and direction of an experienced facility operator. We need to continue bringing international, regional and local events to Tooele. As the seventh fastest growing county in the United States, the track represents the demand and success of development here," County Commissioner, Shawn Milne said.

The Utah legislature passed (SB-114) sponsored by Senator Harper that enables local jurisdictions to sell unique assets and property.

“We appreciate the help that Senator Harper has given to this issue and likewise we are very grateful for the patience that the track stakeholders have afforded us as we have established this sales process,” Milne said.

All offers for the Motorsport Campus must be received by Monday, July 2 at 5:00 p.m.

Questions regarding the sale, its assets, or the process itself should be submitted by email to Gary Searle at

The complete bid purchase pack can be found at

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