Rock Canyon sexual assault suspect arrested

Suspect in Rock Canyon sexual assault arrested. (Photo: Provo Police Department)

(KUTV) 34-year-old Way Ray Leas, Jr. was arrested on suspicion of committing the sexual assault that was reported in the Rock Canyon area on Nov. 10.

One day prior, BYU Police responded to reports of a man hiding in some bushes on BYU campus. Police found Leas and confronted him.

Leas was cited for trespassing. Police took a picture of Leas and let him go.

After the suspect description was put out by Provo PD, BYU police thought the description matched that of Leas, and they reported it to Provo PD.

"We didn't publish a description of him until Friday," says Lt. Brian Taylor of the Provo Police Department, "but when we did, we said 'Wait a minute, we just met that guy last night,' and so they called Detective Escobeto and gave us the information we needed to complete our investigation."

The victim of the sexual assault identified Leas as the attacker.

Detectives served a warrant at Leas' home, and found a knife similar to the one used in the assault.

Based on the evidence, Provo PD believes they have the correct suspect.

Leas was booked into Utah County Jail.

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