Salt Lake Valley gas prices reach 3 year high

Salt Lake Valley gas prices reach 3 year high (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- Gas prices along the Wasatch Front are the highest they’ve been in 3 years.

According to AAA, the average price in the Salt Lake Valley is $2.88, just below the state average at $2.89. But, some areas are seeing prices spike even higher, hitting $3.16.

“There’s certainly been an upswing in the price of gas over the last few weeks,” Lee Peacock, president of the Utah Petroleum Association said.

He’s watched gas prices ebb and flow for years. While prices seem high, Peacock said it’s not surprising for this time of year. Approaching the summer months, fuel refiners switch over to a summer blend of gas that cuts down on emission and helps with air quality. But, switching to the blend cuts down the supply of gasoline.

High crude oil prices are also leading to higher prices at the pump.

“The price of crude oil has firmed up with some upward pressure and that’s obviously a huge component to the price of gasoline,” Peacock said.

AAA expects the cost of fuel to continue to climb as we get closer to summer and peak driving season.

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