Romney hits campaign trail in Ogden, Orem

Romney hits campaign trail in Ogden, Orem (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is back on the campaign trail just a short time after he officially announced on Twitter that he was running for the U.S. Senate seat which will be vacated by Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch.

“Very exciting great reaction today and hopefully we can all keep it up,” said Romney to 2News Dan Rascon as he caught up with him at UVU where Romney visited with students. “This is our home, we came here after my election loss in 2012. We are here to stay”

What does he plan to fight for? “I’m going to fight for Utah. Utah needs to have as many people with clout as they can possibly have.”

Romney says he believes he could work with President Donald Trump even though he heavily criticized him in the past. “What he’s done is very much in line with the policies I had for president, lowering taxes, lowering regulation, fighting bureaucracy those kinds of things.”

And that includes many of the same ideas about immigration. “The President and I are basically on the same page we need to secure the border, not just for the fence, but with an E-Verify [internet based system] and penalize companies that hire people who are here illegally,” said Romney. “I’d rather bring people in based on merit which is their capacity to help in our economy.”

Romney’s expected Democratic opponent Jenny Wilson says Romney is not a true Utahn.

“I know him well and I actually quite like him. My concern is that he spent a lot of time in a lot of other states. I’m from this state, I work in this state, I don’t need binders of policy to catch up or a tour of 29 counties,” said Wilson to 2News.

Romney was at Green Acres Dairy Farm in Ogden earlier in the day.

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