Residents who lost their homes to Moab fire speak out

Moab Fire. (Photo: Andrew Mirrington)

(KUTV) — We are hearing from residents who lost their homes in a fire that broke out Tuesday night near Pack Creek in Moab.

Firefighters were still on scene Wednesday afternoon working to mop up hot spots.

Some residents were let back in early Wednesday morning but were once again quickly rushed back out as firefighters resumed working in the neighborhood.

Janet Gay is one of several who lost her home in the fire, “I did stain glass, those stain glass were all over in this area, it’s all gone,” she said walking through the black soot and ashes.

“As you can see it’s pretty much all gone,” Gay said.

The Pack Creek Fire also called the Cinema Court Fire quickly spread through her neighborhood around 6 p.m. A place she and four other family members have called home for more than 30-years, “Disbelief, I really didn’t believe it would get our house.”

Her home was the only house in the family that was burned which she said she is grateful for but is still very emotional about, “It’s hard we are retiring and it’s all we have.”

“I still work, so I am going to keep working and my husband will try to figure out what to do,” she said.

Moab Police Department says an account has been set up for monetary donations to help those who were impacted by the fire. The account is at Grand County Credit Union and donations should be made to “Cinema Court Fire.”

They also said many within the community have contacted them about donations, such as household items and clothing. They said the offers are incredibly generous and very much appreciated, but at this time they are premature. There will be a time for them and when that time comes, Moab Police will provide the community with information about what is needed and how to donate it.

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