Assault charges could be filed against Utah teens in viral fight video

Teens standby as girl assaults girl (Photo: KUTV via Facebook)

(KUTV) - A violent video showing a group of Utah teens watching as a girl is pummeled by other teens went viral.

The Unified Police Department said it's still piecing together what happened before and after the video was taken including the focus and possible assault charges against those who threw punches.

Brian Lohrke is a Lieutenant with the department, “We got wind of this case, we actually got multiple calls because this video was going viral,” he said.

Multiple agencies around the valley got calls after the video was posted to Facebook Thursday afternoon- when it started going viral.

“Very concerning assault, violent assault,” said Lt. Lohrke. People were asking law enforcement to do something. After some investigation, Lt. Lohrke said the alleged assault took place at a home in Millcreek in their jurisdiction, so their detectives are looking into it. “There's always a story before and after that record button gets hit so we are trying to figure out the whole story not just what happened on video,” he said.

Lt. Lohrke said those they have identified in the video are all under the age 18, so names are not being released and it's something they are taking seriously, “We want to make sure that the violence ends but we also get those responsible charged with appropriate crimes.”

Lt. Lohrke said the community and social media plays a vital role in policing nowadays, “It's not just us doing it's the public, they’re our eyes and ears, they know exactly what is going on out there. They tell us. We investigate and bring justice,” he said.

Lt. Lohrke said no charges have been filed yet.

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