Police find missing Santa Clara teen hiding in LDS Church; three 18-year-olds arrested

McKenzie Scholzen (Photo courtesy of Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department)

(KUTV) — Three 18-year-olds were arrested after a missing Santa Clara teen was found in Enterprise, Utah around 5:40 a.m. Thursday.

McKenzie Scholzen, a 17-year-old who was reported missing on Monday, took a trip to California with Diego Jasper Wellhoff, 18, Lydia Probst, 18 and Luis Rockwood, 18, according to Sgt. Jaron Studley with Santa Clara-Ivins Police.

On their way back to Utah, the teens saw news reports about Scholzen being missing and in danger.

Wellhoff and Rockwood decided to drop Probst and Scholzen off in Enterprise.

The two girls spent time hanging out and tried to get back home.

Eventually, Probst called her mom and asked for a ride home, according to Studley.

Probst's parents called the police.

Authorities later found Scholzen hiding in an LDS Church building in Enterprise.

Police arrested Rockwood on a warrant, according to Studley. Rockwood told police what happened and they proceeded to arrest Probst and Wellhoff as well, according to Studley.

Each 18-year-old was charged on suspicion of obstructing justice and harboring a runaway juvenile.

They were each booked into Washington County Jail.

Scholzen is being held at a youth crisis center. She will be returning home to her parents soon.

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