Police and federal agents investigating two deaths at Saltair's 'Das Energi' festival

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    (KUTV) – State and federal law enforcement officers are investigating two deaths outside a popular Utah music festival at the Great Saltair venue in Salt Lake County.

    Bo Shepherd, 28, died when he fell to his death from an overpass outside Saltair in the early morning hours Sunday. Angelina Gonzalez, 20, died from an apparent overdose after she was reported to be foaming at mouth in the Saltair parking lot, also early Sunday morning.

    Both were reportedly attending the “Das Energi” Festival which was held August 18-19. According to Das Energi Facebook page, several thousand people attended the event.

    “We just knew that she went out to a rave at Saltair, Gonzalez’s aunt Lilia Martinez told 2News. “That’s where her life ended.”

    Martinez and her family members believe Gonzalez was given drugs at the festival.

    “There’s nothing but drugs out there what else could it have been?” she said.

    The Drug Enforcement Agency is now investigating Gonzalez’s death.

    Meanwhile, the Utah Department of Public Safety is investigating Shepherd’s fatal fall from the overpass on Interstate 80 at Saltair.

    Investigators believe Shepherd was intoxicated and may been trying to throw up over the side of the overpass when he fell and was hit by several vehicles.

    “We are looking at every possible issue that may have contributed to that person’s death,” Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nick Street said.

    DPS had more than a dozen undercover officers at the two-day festival which drew thousands of attendees.

    “There have been some concerns in the past with those events,” Sgt. Street said.

    The DPS agents were primarily looking for liquor law violations, according to Street.

    Those agents were in addition to Unified Police Department officers who were also stationed at the venue.

    The DPS will now conduct an investigation into Shepherd’s actions the night of his death and if anyone at the concert overserved alcohol.

    “Those issues are criminal and we want to make sure people are held accountable for that,” Street said.

    Gonzalez' family said they want to warn others about the dangers of the event.

    “Either they have to put it to a stop out there, or just have more security , more lookouts,” Martinez said.

    Her family established a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.

    2News reached out to Das Energi organizers and the Great Saltair venue but did not receive a response.

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