Plumb announces candidacy for outgoing Dabakis' seat

Plumb to announce candidacy for outgoing Dabakis' seat.

(KUTV) — Dr. Jennifer Plumb, the Utah doctor who spearheaded the Naloxone movement, is expected to announce her run for the Utah State Senate on Monday at 10:00 a.m.

"I want to continue fighting the good fight Senator Jim Dabakis has waged for years," Plumb said in a Facebook post.

Dr. Plumb has treated overdoses at Primary Children's Hospital. Last year she told 2News that she will not take opioids, nor would she let her 13-year-old son have them either.

The University of Utah doctor hopes to fill the District 2 seat of outgoing Sen. Jim Dabakis.

Plumb will face off against various candidates, including Derek Kitchen, who announced his candidacy for Dabakis' seat on Feb. 27, expressing a desire to "lead the charge on air quality and transportation, homelessness and affordable housing, education and affordable healthcare."

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