Park City businesses booming despite snow shortage

Park City businesses booming despite snow shortage (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Park City businesses are thriving despite a weak snowpack this year.

Despite an unusually dry start to the year, visitors aren’t bailing on vacationing in Park City.

“This year we did a lot better than we usually do!” Elias Fairman, who runs Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company on Main St. said. “Winter and summer, you get the big town with everybody coming in, a bunch of culture with not just the states, but all over the world.”

His neighboring shop manager, Sue Fassett of Dolly’s Bookstore, has seen seven winters at the store. She agreed, winter and summer are the busiest times, regardless of weather.

“A lot of people aren’t skiing as much as they have the past years. So the only other thing there is to do is walk around Main Street,” said Fairman.

It’s not all good news for everyone in Park City this time of year.

Carolyn Stevens is the owner of a small business called Alpen Glow Mobile Massage.

While regulars keep the mobile massage therapist busy year-round, she says so far this season, she’s seen about a 20% decrease in business from other clients.

“I usually have one to seven people working [during the busiest months],” she told 2News in a phone interview. “Right now, I keep two to three of my therapists working full schedules.”

Small businesses like landscaping and gardening companies are also struggling to find work.

The main way some small businesses, like Adam’s Lawn Care Service, make money during the winter is by clearing snow. If there’s no work, they have to cut hours.

“A lot of them are my friends,” said Adam Lloyd, who owns and runs his own landscaping business. “And it affects them horribly because come October, it’s down to a skeleton crew. I let most my guys go.”

Lloyd has more than a dozen employees during the busy months. Right now, he has just three people on the payroll.

“It’s all about taking care of my people. I’m just a small guy in a big world. [....] where it’s hard for a little business to survive,” he said. “It makes me feel pretty bad. It brings tears to the eye.”

More snow is expected to hit our state soon. 2News has a link to the latest weather report here.

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