Parents want answers about district's investigation of custodian charged with sex abuse

A group of parents demanded answers from the Nebo School District after they say it mishandled the investigation of a custodian now charged with sex abuse. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — A group of parents in the Nebo School District has submitted a letter to administrators asking about their investigation of a custodian who is now charged with felony aggravated sexual abuse of children.

The district conducted an internal investigation of Adrian Villar, 59, in 2017, approximately a year before police were contacted and Villar was arrested for sexual abuse.

“While the specific nature of the questions asked by Sierra Bonita administration to the student in the alleged incident have not been released, it is critical that children are not asked specific, detailed, or probing questions (especially in regards to sexual abuse) without parental consent and/or their presence,” the letter states.

The letter goes on to cite in detail the several areas of concern the parents have about how the internal investigation was handled and the district’s response after Villar’s arrest in May 2018.

“The minimal response and support from Nebo School District makes it appear as if you are ignoring the issue in order to avoid culpability,” the letter says.

District spokesperson Lana Hiskey received the parents’ letter and talked to them for the better part of an hour about their concerns.

Hiskey directed the letter to the district’s attorney and said concerned parents are welcome bring comments to school board meeting or other district officials.

Parents told Hiskey that they felt blindsided by Villars’ arrest, which came several months after discussion of Villar began flooding social media with concerns about his behavior.

One parent who asked not to be identified said she heard rumors about Villar from her kids and told them they weren’t true and they shouldn’t talk about it.

“When they charged him, I felt a little betrayed by the district,” the parent said.

Police say they were first contacted in February 2018 by the parent’s of one of Villar’s victims. Shortly after, a second victim contacted police and prosecutors charged Villar with two counts of felony aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

A former teacher at the district told 2News she was the one who told one of the victim’s parents about the district investigation a year after it happened.

KUTV’s public record request and a subsequent appeal for the district’s 2017 investigation were both denied.

A parent started a petition where people can sign the letter to Nebo School District.

You can read the parents’ letter here:

Nebo School District Denial of KUTV request:

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