Orem police release body camera footage of foot pursuit with escape artist 'Piggy Smalls'

Piggy Smalls, serial escape artist, picture with Orem PD Officer Bullard. (Photo courtesy Orem PD via Facebook)

(KUTV) — "No sense in running, you'll only go to jail tired," was the Orem Police Department's message for its new "mascot" on Friday.

The mascot/suspect in question? Piggy Smalls.

Orem police shared body camera footage of officers trying to capture the pig on the department's Facebook page.

Smalls became something of a frequent flier with the Orem PD in the past week — he landed in "the pokey," as police called it, twice since Sunday.

Officers first captured Smalls on Sunday, posting photos of the pig with the caption, "Anyone missing a pig (the animal not the cop)? If so, he's at the animal pokey, call us if he belongs to you."

But they hadn't seen the last of Piggy Smalls.

He got loose again on Thursday, and the chase was on.

Orem PD's Officer Hancock chased Smalls around town, the department said, adding, "He's quite fast and we have the body camera footage to prove it."

Police said they took Smalls back to his owners, who were frustrated he kept escaping, and asked police to find someone to take him home "and not eat him."

Officer Black came to the rescue, the post states, and took Smalls to his new home.

He's now, apparently, the Orem Police Department's new mascot and escape-artist-in-chief.

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