Online petition asks Utah legislature to repeal compromise, re-instate Prop 2

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    (KUTV) — The decision by Utah lawmakers to replace Proposition 2, passed by Utah voters in November, with a compromise bill was met with outrage by many who voted for the proposition.

    The compromise legislation, H.B. 3001, was debated in a special session of the Utah legislature on Monday and signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on Monday night.

    "Utah now has the best-designed medical cannabis program in the country," the governor tweeted at the time of the signing.

    A petition surfaced the same day on, an online activism platform, to re-instate the proposition, which passed with 52.75 percent of the Utah electorate in favor.

    The petition was started by a user called Ben Cook, and stated the passage of Prop 2 "represented a victory for democracy, regardless of one's position on the issue."

    The petitioner accuses Utah's legislators of refusing previously to pass a bill legalizing medical cannabis, "despite public sentiment and several opportunities to do so."

    Legislators and the governor are also accused of "completely disregarding the voice and will of Utah citizens by effectively repealing Proposition 2 with their own legislation (H.B. 3001)."

    "Not a single business day after Proposition 2 went into effect, state legislators blatantly silenced and disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Utah voters," the petition states.

    The petitioner offers a solution, which includes the repeal of H.B. 3001 and re-instating Prop 2.

    "Whether you're in favor of legalizing medical cannabis or not, you should be concerned that our elected officials can so easily and callously throw your vote away if they don't agree with you," the petition's author writes.

    At the time this report was published, the online petition had received more than 1,200 signatures.

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