Olympus High School baseball team forced to chose between state playoffs and graduation

Olympus High School baseball team forced to chose between state playoffs and graduation. (Photo KUTV)

(KUTV) - For the first time since 1960, The Olympus High School boys baseball team is headed to the state championships.

They take on Jordan High School in the 5A state playoffs on Friday. But the game is causing conflict for players and parents.

The 15 seniors on the team will have to sit their high school graduation out.

The game is at 11 a.m. at Utah Valley University, over an hour drive from their graduation ceremony at the Huntsman Center. Graduation starts at 1 p.m., but players won’t make it in time.

“You’re caught between two things and unfortunately we have to pick and choose,” baseball-dad David Hoggan said.

He has twin sons. He’s missing one son’s graduation to watch the other play in the state championships. It’s a choice he wishes he didn’t have to make.

“It’s just unfortunate because it’s their mistake as a district, with the athletic director, whoever is scheduling the games and that, how did they overlook something like that,” Hoggan said.

Ben Horsely, spokesperson for the Granite School District said they don’t have another option.

“Our hands are tied. We don’t get to dictate when athletic competitions are held,” Horsely said.

The Utah High School Activities Association booked out the games weeks in advance. Horsely said moving the graduation ceremony isn’t possible either. The district booked the space at the Huntsman Center a year in advance.

“It’s a difficult choice to make and we’re not going to tell you how to make that choice,” Horsely said.

Olympus High School administrators gave the team 4 different options as an alternative way to receive their diplomas. Horsely said the boys chose chose to hold a special ceremony with administrations and their parents at 9:30 Friday evening. The school held a pep rally Thursday night to send the team off.

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