'Move it!' Video shows Utah campground confrontation after family's truck breaks down

    A video that is going viral in Utah shows a confrontation between two families at a campsite over the Memorial Day weekend. (Photo: Jose Caballero / YouTube)

    UPDATE: Cache County Sheriff's Office has concluded the investigation, as of Tuesday, June 19. They have identified five adults who have been referred to the Cache County Attorney's office for criminal charges, according to a news release.

    UPDATE: Weber County fires man at the center of campground confrontation video.

    (KUTV) -- A video that is going viral in Utah shows a confrontation between two families at a campsite over the Memorial Day weekend.

    The Cache County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating if there will be criminal charges in connection with the incident where Wyatt Pack, 20, is seen on camera screaming at a family whose truck broke down at the campsite in Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

    Pack has now been fired from one of his jobs and is on leave at another after his tirade has been seen thousands of times.

    “When the camera came on, that was the worst bit of it and I got pretty heated,” Pack told 2News in an interview Tuesday afternoon.

    Pack says the whole thing is being blown out of proportion and the video only shows a few minutes of an hours-long ordeal at the campsite.

    The incident began Friday morning when the Caballero family from Box Elder County had car trouble while towing a trailer in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. They found a pull out where they called for help to tow their disabled truck and their camper.

    The Caballeros happened to be in a spot on public land where Pack’s family had already placed their trailer ahead of a planned Memorial Day camping trip. As the Caballero family waited for help, Pack’s family arrived at the campsite.

    “I get out and ask them what the heck’s going on, we already had that spot reserved,” said Cory Durney, who was with the first group of Pack’s family to arrive at the campsite.

    “They weren’t making much effort to do anything they refused to let us help them,” Durney said.

    Shortly after, Pack arrived to the campsite but couldn’t pull his truck into the site because of the other vehicles. Pack says a line of cars started backing up on the canyon road as he argued with Caballeros about moving their truck and trailer.

    “I didn’t know what else to do at that point, I tried to be nice and help them out for free,” Pack says.

    The recording starts with Pack yelling at the Caballeros and demanding they move the truck.

    “We kept going back and forth about how we can’t leave right now and if we could we would,” Jose Caballero told 2News. “We weren’t trying to take their spot, we were just people who needed help.”

    The Caballero’s truck had trouble with the steering system which meant they couldn’t drive it further down the canyon.

    “[Pack’s] like ok, we’ll move it for you but it’s $200,” Caballero said.

    Pack is seen on the video berating the Caballero family, at one point asking if the father is deaf and demanding he move the truck immediately.

    “I don’t care if you’re out on the street, that’s really not my problem,” Pack tells the Caballero’s in the video. Pack swears repeatedly and at one point tells the Caballeros he will move the truck for $40.

    “If you’re going to be ignorant, then I’ll just charge you to help,” Pack said. “I wasn’t mad at them, I was more just trying to be serious and protect my family.”

    Pack eventually tows the Caballeros truck down the mountain and a friend arrived to tow the trailer away from the campsite. The 11-minute video from the campsite was posted online and has been shared thousands of times.

    “In a way I want to say he deserves it but he doesn’t. He could do better, he should have done better,” Caballero said.

    Pack’s employer, P N P Power Sports and Repair, fired pack after the video surfaced. The owner of the business posted a Facebook live video Tuesday night explaining his decision.

    Pack works full time as a mechanic for Weber County. The county placed him on leave Tuesday morning and released the following statement.

    We are sickened and outraged watching this video. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable and does not reflect the helpful, kind, customer service attitude we expect of Weber County employees. While the incident occurred in Cache County, we hold the combined belief that our parks are created with the intention of facilitating wholesome family-friendly recreation. The employee in question has been placed on administrative leave as we conduct an internal investigation into his disturbing behavior.

    Pack says he wants to apologize to the Cabellero family for the way he acted.

    “I regret getting as angry as I did, looking back at it now, but at the time, you don’t think of that. You’re just trying to protect your family,” Pack said.

    The Cache County Sheriff’s Office told 2News that detectives are still conducting interviews and have not determined if any criminal action will be taken.

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