McAdams campaign: Protesters’ claims are 'flat-out lies'


(KUTV) -A small group of people gathered outside the Salt Lake County Complex to protest Mayor Ben McAdams, who is working on his Congressional campaign in Washington, D.C.

Protest organizer Brooke Devin identified the group of about 10 as young college Republicans.

She was upset McAdams missed the first council meeting since the legislative session ended.

"Ben has not been in the office and has not been doing his job," Devin asserted. "If Ben McAdams would just give up his salary to run his campaign, or just be in office, that's what we want."

She also claimed McAdams hired three additional deputy mayors to help him while he worked on his campaign, a claim McAdams’ congressional campaign manager Andrew Roberts adamantly refutes.

Roberts also questioned the group’s agenda.

"From my perspective, this is a cheap DC-led campaign taunt!"

In a statement to 2News, Roberts said:

“The charges leveled by these protestors are flat-out lies. The restructuring was a smart move approved by a Republican-led County Council and took place in 2016 — well before the Mayor made the decision to run for office. The reality is Rep. Mia Love's campaign finances are under investigation and her legislative record of adding nearly $2 trillion to the national debt leaves her with nothing to run on than negative attacks on the Mayor. The Mayor is proud of the work he and the Republican-led County Council have done to make county government more efficient. Mia Love has been in DC too long if she thinks deploying a group of misinformed protestors will cause voters to forget about the Mayor's record of working with people from both parties to get things done for the people of Utah.”

The Mayor’s Office issued a press release November 28, 2016 announcing the government restructuring. The release explained how current employees would be moved around to take on new tasks and run the government more efficiently.

The restructure helped McAdams get Salt Lake County on budget and achieve a Triple A credit score, Roberts said.

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