Man survives crash in Hobble Creek Canyon

John Money was able to climb up the cliff he'd driven his truck off of in Hobble Creek Canyon to get help for his injuries. (KUTV)

(KUTV) — John Money says he knew almost immediately that he was going over the edge after his truck began to slip coming around a corner in Hobble Creek Canyon.

That’s exactly what happened.

Money says his truck dipped, then rolled down an embankment. He tumbled 60 to 70 yards before trees finally stopped the truck, he said.

He also knew instantly that he was injured. His injuries ultimately included several broken ribs, broken vertebrae and a punctured lung.

Injured and in pain, with the sun beginning to set, Money decided to bunk down in the bed of his truck.

In the morning, he would make the long trek to safety. After sunrise, he slowly began climbing up the hill, bushwhacking through thick buck brush and craggy oak trees.

It was a long painful slog to the top, he said.

“It was probably 10 hours and crawling barefoot over that brush,” Money said. He only made it halfway up when someone finally saw him and went for help.

Money is recovering at Utah Valley Hospital.

“I’m very lucky that I survived and even walked away from something like this,” he said.

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