Layton SWAT standoff ends, suspect in custody

Layton SWAT standoff ends, suspect in custody (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - A standoff in Layton, Utah, that allegedly began as a robbery, has ended with the suspect in custody.

Police were called after a man, trying to buy a cell phone said he was the victim of an attempted armed robbery. Police took one suspect into custody immediately and then located another suspect inside an apartment in a complex in Layton. Also inside the apartment was a woman and two "very young" children, according to police.

The woman and the children came out earlier in the afternoon but the robbery suspect remained inside until Tuesday evening.

Travis Lyman, a Layton Police Police Department officer, said the standoff took place in the southwest corner of the complex. Police said the man barricaded inside was someone police wanted to talk to about other cases. Lyman said there was no hurry to resolve the standoff and said they would take as long as necessary to resolve the situation peacefully.

Lyman said a 19-year-old man met two men at an Arby's parking lot and got into a car to make the cell phone purchase. At least one of the men brandished a gun and the victim got out of the car and phoned police. The man provided police with a name of one of the men who he said attempted to rob him. Police were familiar with the name given and they located the man at the apartment, beginning the standoff.

2News will update this story as more information becomes available.

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