Layton developer wants to move 25 bodies to build upscale townhomes

Cemetery in disrepair (Photo: Bronagh Tumulty, KUTV)

(KUTV) - 25 bodies could soon be on the move in Layton.

They’re buried at Lakeview Cemetery, which has fallen into disrepair.

The current owners bought it back in 2001 and poured several thousand dollars into it but over the years, it has become a money pit and they can’t afford the upkeep any longer.

They have a prospective buyer in mind.

Using radar, Nathan Hale was able to identify more than two dozen bodies still beneath the ground. He is trying to track down each and every family because he is offering to pay to relocate their loved ones.

That would allow him to redevelop the land and construct upscale townhomes.

At least one family is most certainly not on board. Brenda Jamarillo says her father, Rafael Jamarillo, is buried at Lakeview.

He fought in the Korean War and passed away from injuries he sustained while fighting for his country.

She says he wanted to be buried in Layton and she will never give permission to move his body.

If all 25 families don’t commit to the project, it can’t move forward and the property will then likely remain as it is.

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