Killer canine loose in West Valley costs charter school students thousands

    *WARNING: Photo may be disturbing to some viewers. View with discretion* A killer canine on the loose in West Valley City is costing charter school students thousands of dollars in livestock. The dog struck again overnight Tuesday injuring a piglet and sheep. (Photo courtesy of Baylie Johnson)<p>{/p}

    *WARNING: Some photos may be disturbing to some viewers. View with discretion*

    UPDATE: (August 15, 2018, 12:45 p.m.) -- The suspected German Shepherd mix attacked a piglet and sheep overnight Tuesday. Both animals were injured but are still alive.

    (KUTV) — Teenagers in West Valley are being left out of pocket because a killer canine is roaming the streets.

    Roots Charter High School isn’t your typical school. The kids take out loans with the help of the Department of Agriculture, then buy their own livestock, raise it and sell it at auction or, sometimes, take it to the state fair.

    The problem is, a German Shepherd mix, that doesn’t seem to have an owner, has been killing animals on the farm for weeks.

    The students have lost at least two goats, two sheep, several chickens and, this past Friday, two baby alpacas were killed, too. It’s estimated that the losses total about $7,000 so far. The kids, though, still have to repay their loans, even if their animals are killed.

    Animal control has been out several times, at least 20, in fact, trying to catch the dog, but they just can’t get hold of it. Part of the problem, police say, is neighbors in the area like the dog and some are protecting it for fear that it will be killed.

    The school — and animal control — really want to get hold of it to at least get it out of the area. Anyone with knowledge of the dog's whereabouts is asked to call animal control in West Valley City at 801-965-5800.

    The school is also trying to raise some cash to get additional fencing put up around the farm. If you’d like to help them with that, their GoFundMe link can be found here.

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