'I cried a little bit,' Provo dispatcher meets the baby she helped deliver

Provo Dispatcher

(KUTV) – The Provo communications center usually hums as dispatchers handle a steady flow of calls ranging from minor complaints to life-or-death emergencies.

During a 4-alarm fire last month, another urgent call rang to the phone of dispatcher Brittany Hutchison.

“I pick it up, assuming it was part of the structure fire. It was not,” Hutchison told 2News.

On the other end was Corbin Crews, reporting he and his wife Jerika were driving down I-15 at Center Street and Jerika was in labor with their baby.

“I was trying to wait as long as I could,” Jerika Crews said.

But the baby was on its way out as Hutchison gave directions to Utah Valley Hospital on 500 West.

It would have taken five minutes to get there, but it was quickly apparent they didn’t have five minutes.

“It took them maybe a minute to realize the baby was coming and then maybe another minute or two to deliver,” Hutchison said.

Keep in mind, all of Provo’s firefighters were busy on the 4-alarm fire and other urgent calls. The nearest ambulance was in Orem.

With Hutchison’s voice guiding, Corbin Crews helped his wife deliver the baby in the passenger seat of their car behind a store at 500 West Center Street.

“[Corbin] was really calm, I’m sure I wasn’t,” Jerika Crews said.

Shortly after baby Martie was born, a paramedic crew scooped up the mother and daughter and took them to Utah Valley Hospital.

“I’m not going to lie, I cried a little bit, everything was good, the baby was good, the mom was good,” Hutchison said.

Wednesday, the family met Hutchison at the Provo dispatch center for the first time. Hutchison held baby Martie as she and Jerika listened to the 911 call.

“I do believe certain calls come to certain dispatchers who are meant to handle them,” Hutchison said.

She’s been a dispatcher for eight years – but this was her first baby delivery. She says it was a career goal.

“Things like this are special,” Hutchison said.

In a dispatch center that routinely handles the worst moments in Provo - baby Martie’s visit was a good moment.

“Years and years of not fun experiences, this makes it worth it,” Hutchison said.

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