Giant flag unfurled in Utah County to honor Las Vegas shooting victims

Giant flag unfurled in Utah County to honor Las Vegas shooting victims (Photo: Daniel Woodruff)

(KUTV) Two rival football teams in Utah County joined forces Friday evening to honor the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Pleasant Grove High and American Fork High football players came together in a way people in the stands couldn't miss.

At Pleasant Grove's football field, the teams carried out an American flag that took up nearly half the field. Part of the organization "Follow the Flag," the quarter acre symbol of patriotism spread out for all to see as the national anthem played before kickoff.

Players and spectators also held a moment of silence for the dozens killed in Sunday's massacre on the Las Vegas strip.

Kyle Fox, a Pleasant Grove resident, is one of the organizers who brought the flag to the game. The display was planned for weeks, he said. But after the shooting, it took on a new meaning.

"The big red white and blue sometimes does that," said Fox, adding he hoped to "try to combat the bad with some good."

It took everybody on both teams to lift the giant flag, carry it on to the field, and unfurl it as the crowd cheered.

After the display, players helped take the flag away as it moves on to its next destination.

"It was amazing," said Mandy Carson, whose son plays for Pleasant Grove. "That was the coolest thing I think I've ever seen."

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