Flu claims life of 41-year-old Taylorsville mother

Sabrina and Steve Clark and family (Photo: Steve Clark)

(KUTV)---A Taylorsville family is mourning the sudden loss of a young mother.

Sabrina Vierra Clark passed away on February 6 after complications brought on by the flu.

Her husband, Steve Clark said they thought it was nothing when Sabrina started showing symptoms early last week.

“It just started out with a sore throat,” Clark said, “We just thought it was basic stuff because she was fine, she was just doing everything she needed to do.”

Sabrina was fighting a fever, but Advil and Tylenol suppressed it. However, by Saturday night, her cough had worsened.

“She came down woke me up and told me she thought she had to go to the hospital because she been coughing up blood all night,” Clark said.

Sunday morning, they went straight to Jordan Valley Medical Center.

Doctors couldn’t find any vitals and eventually, Sabrina was taken by helicopter to Intermountain Medical Center.

“They did everything they could,” Clark said.

Doctors determined Sabrina was fighting a combination of Influenza B and Strep A. Her conditioned worsened quickly and by Tuesday evening, she took her last breath.

“She did everything right and it still got her,” Clark said.

The Salt Lake City Health Department said as of February 3, there have been 16 flu-related deaths and more than 600 hospitalizations in Salt Lake County this year. The Centers for Disease Control is calling this one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a decade.

On Saturday, the Clark family was set to leave on a cruise. Instead, Sabrina leaves behind two boy ages 7 and 9.

“Everything she did was dedicated to them. She woke up every day and her only goal was to make sure they were happy,” Clark said.

Family friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help the Clarks pay for unexpected funeral and medical costs.

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