First homicide in Tremonton community in over 50 years shocks residents, police

First homicide in Tremonton community in over 50 years shocks residents, police (Photo: DJ Bolerjack/ KUTV)

(KUTV)- For the most part Tremonton is a quiet and safe normal northern Utah community. Police say it has been since May of 1965 when law enforcement saw the last homicide case.

Monday marked the end of that when 33-year-old, Michael Hodgenson, was shot and killed during an early morning argument at a home near 3625 W. 1000 N.

"About 3:45 this morning our dispatch center received a call from a male subject that lives at this residence. He called to report that he had shot a subject, an acquaintance of his, that was staying here at the home," Chief of Police, Dave Nance, said.

Hodgenson was allegedly shot by a friend of his, who he was temporarily living with at the time, 33-year-old, Brandon Thompson.

Nance tells 2News the men were out in the back yard of the home when Hodgenson was shot.

"Officers responded and were able to take the suspect into custody...without any incident," Nance said. Police have since examined the handgun that was used, interviewed Thompson and said he has been very cooperative with the investigation. Many Tremonton residents are shocked about the fact that this all happened.

"Its a good community. We just don't have too many problems," Nance said.

There was a third person inside the home at the time of this shooting police said. It's been reported that the third person is Thompson's girlfriend who was allegedly sleeping in her bed while all of this was happening outside.

If you'd like to hear from neighbors who knew the suspect or would like to learn more about the investigation, watch the news story above.

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