Update: Moab fire under control, dozens of structures impacted, some lost

    Fire causes evacuations, power outages in Moab. (Photo: Photos by Andrew Mirrington / Moab Sun News)

    UPDATE: The fire is now under control and at 70 percent containment. Over a dozen structures have been affected so far and some were lost. According to Moab Police Chief Jim Winder, there were no injuries, except some responders are suffering from smoke inhalation.

    Power has been restored. Three power poles were damaged in the fire. The areas supplied by those poles have power rerouted to them. According to Spencer Hall with Rocky Mountain Power, about 40 percent of the Moab area had their power turned off.

    (KUTV) - An active fire in Moab is threatening several structures, and causing power outages throughout the town.

    Evacuations are currently underway. Fire causes power outages in Moab, evacuations underway

    Moab City Police caution everyone to stay away from the area of the fire.

    The Gonzo Inn is letting people who have been dislocated by the fire stay in their open rooms. The Inn is also allowing people to stay in their lobby, drink their coffee, and use phone and WiFi.

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