Father of 3-year-old shot at West Valley Smiths says she is battling cancer


(KUTV)- “He started to shoot, I don’t know why,” Hugo Padilla, who was in the Smith's store and started walking out with his family, said.

“I was scared when I saw the guy. I just go back to to the store to be safe. I grabbed my daughter because my daughter has two shots and she was losing a lot of blood,” he said.

West Valley Police said around 2:00 P.M. Wednesday they got the call of multiple people shot at the store on Redwood Road off 40th South.

“He walked up to the front of the entrance of the store and proceeded to fire several rounds into the store,” Matt Elson, Deputy Chief of the West Valley Police Department, said.

Troy Yiatras, the Meat Manager at the Smith’s store, said “I just wondered what the hell was that at first. What the hell? That sounds like a gun."

Both store employees and shoppers were shocked at what they were hearing and witnessing.

“Everybody was panicked because at first, we thought the lady got shot in the ankle but then they're realized the baby got shot then everybody just went crazy,” Judy Walker who was shopping at the time said.

Deputy Chief Elson said three people were shot, two women were shot in the leg. A 3-year-old girl was also shot in the leg, her father Padilla said she was shot in the stomach as well. Chief Deputy Elson said all were expected to be okay.

“Why would you want to hurt them, they were just shopping,” Yiatras said.

Deputy Chief Elson said it is believed this is a random shooting and crimes of random nature like this are not typical for West Valley Police.

“There's usually an underlying motive. There are some involved parties. But right but we haven't been able to piece any of that together. He said it is very concerning, “Because you and I, we all go to stores. we all shop and we want to feel like we are safe in our communities,” he said.

This shooting is very concerning for Padilla, while already trying to battle a life-threatening disease, his 3-year-old daughter is now trying to recover from two gunshot wounds.

"It’s scary because my daughter has cancer also, she has low levels, we are worried about her, the infections and all that,” he said.



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