Family loses 2 members in 2 different motorcycle crashes

Family loses 2 members in 2 different motorcycle crashes (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - The Garrett Family and those who love them are mourning the loss of not one but two cherished members.

Shawn Garrett was killed in a crash in Taylorsville on his motorcycle on April 28th. Less than 3 weeks later, Mike and Tina Garrett were in a crash on I-15, May 18th.

“Mike was heartbroken and you could see it in his face, when he lost Shawn,” said Crystal Cotton, a family friend.

Mike was killed when the white van rear-ended him. His wife, Tina, survived but is in very critical condition.

“The first words out of Mike’s mouth when he woke up were ‘how’s my wife?’ She’s going to be asking the same thing. And she’s going to get the news that her best friend’s gone,” Cotton said. “I go through phases when I’m in shock and you think you’re going to see Mike and Tina walk through the door, again.”

Cotton is one of many “pseudo-family members” who support the Salt Lake area biking community at Barbary Coast. She, like many others at the popular watering hole, were shocked to learn nine bikers have died in crashes so far this spring.

“I got the call and of course it was to let the family, the Barbary Family, know that we had lost another great person,” said Cotton.

Cotton spoke for the biking advocates at Barbary Coast Sunday when she begged drivers of all vehicles to use extra caution and watch out for smaller vehicles on the roads.

“Sometimes it takes those tragic accidents to open your eyes more and remind you to be more cautious on the road, no matter what you’re in,” Cotton said. “At least they died doing what they both loved. And that’s the silver lining to it.”

Barbary Coast is hosting a benefit on Saturday, June 2nd for the Garrett Family at their restaurant and bar located at 4242 South State Street. For more information, visit Facebook.

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