Aided by community, Moab fire victims return to destroyed homes

Nearly a dozen homes and other structures were destroyed by a fire that spread through Moab Tuesday. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — After a destructive fire raged through Moab on Tuesday, destroying eight homes and three other structures, the community in Moab — and statewide — is clamoring to put together resources for those affected.

Moab City provided a list of resources in a Facebook post Wednesday, which included contact information for the American Red Cross and local businesses.

WabiSabi, an area thrift store, offered clothing and toiletries.

Tour group Canyonlands By Night offered dinner Wednesday evening to those affected, and Moab Diner extended an offer for free meals to those affected.

A local inn, The Gonzo Inn, also offered vacant rooms to those affected, continuing to assist victims with lodging after rooms had been filled.

A fund has been set up at Grand County Credit Union to collect donations Cinema Court Fire victims, Moab City said in a tweet. Monetary donations can be made out to "Cinema Court Fire," according to the tweet. Donations can also be made by calling 435-259-6124.

Residents whose houses were burned were allowed back on site Thursday morning.

"I thought there was going to be a lot more leftover," said Emma Tangren, a girl whose family home was destroyed in the fire.

Tangren said she's staying with her sister until her dad can find a new place. She's gotten help from her sister, and support from the community, to replace some of what she lost in the fire.

"My sister just bought me art stuff," Tangren said. "She knows I like art."

Tangren said she's gotten clothes, a new backpack and shoes.

"At first I didn't have any shoes, now I have two pairs and a lot of flip flops," she said. " I’ve pretty much got everything."

Tangren was inside her home when it caught fire. She says she didn't even notice.

"I looked outside and I was amazed because I didn't smell it or anything," she said. "When I was inside I was like, 'Oh man, it's hot in here,' and then I went outside and I was just amazed, looking at it."

If her dad hadn't got off work and called to warn her, Tangren said she would "have gotten in the fire."

After he called, a neighbor came running down the street to make sure she was out.

"She ran the whole way," Tangren said.

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