Classified ad purchase turns into hostage situation, police standoff in Layton

Classified ad purchase turns into hostage situation, police standoff in Layton (Police photo)

(KUTV) - A Layton man arranged to buy a cell phone from an online classified ad and when he went to buy it police said he found himself on the wrong end of a gun instead.

This led up to an hours-long stand-off and a good reminder for those buying online.

It was around noon Tuesday when Layton Police said the 19-year-old man went to a parking lot of an Arby's on Fairfield Road thinking he was buying a cell phone. Travis Lyman is a Lieutenant, with the Layton Police, “The victim got in the car and they proceeded to try to rob him at that point at gunpoint,” he said.

Fortunately, Lt. Lyman said he was able to force his way out of the car and call 911. Officers tracked down one of the men to the Stonehedge Apartments where he locked himself in with a woman and two young children. The stand-off situation ended around 6 p.m.

“This is a concern for anybody that’s doing online exchanges or purchases like this,” Lt. Lyman said. While this situation ended with no one getting hurt, one of the suspects 20-year-old Haydon Woods was already known to police, “We have some active cases that we suspect he may be involved in so I can’t give a lot of details about that right now, those are cases that we’ve been actively looking for that person,” Lt. Lyman said.

Lt. Lyman said they have a special area right in front of their station, “Couple of parking stalls marked in designated just for that have cameras trained on them and we would encourage people to try and use that whenever they do an exchange like that.” Police hope to prevent anything like this from happening again, “At least that precaution can help people avoid a situation like this.”

The woman was also taken into custody, but it isn't clear if she will face any charges. 29-year-old Mitchell Tarbox was the first man captured.

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