Police: Herriman woman had unlicensed massage business, exploited prostitution

Hailey Dering. (Photo courtesy of Salt Lake County Jail)

(KUTV) — Charges were filed against a Hailey B. Dering, 28, on Friday for operating an unlicensed massage business and exploiting a prostitute.

Court documents state that on Oct. 19, 2017 a detective went undercover to investigate possible prostitution and/or exploitation of prostitution.

As part of the investigation, Detective Jemmet responded to an advertisement that offered "activities with up to four women at once," court documents state.

Jemmet arranged for a session with all four women and was given an address in Herriman, Utah.

He was met by Dering when he arrived.

Dering led Jemmet to the basement and into a room where a massage table was set up, court documents state. The woman told Jemmet to get undressed and charged him for the massage.

The amount Dering asked for was for two women massaging him and for "extras" at the end.

Jemmet gave her the money, plus a tip. Dering said they could "go a little longer and that a third girl may be coming later," court documents state. She stated that the third woman could also provide "extras" at the end.

The undercover detective undressed and the women began to massage him.

Jemmet then began to discuss sexual acts. Dering said she only provided massages, but that the other woman would stay afterward to take care of that.

Dering began texting a third woman, whom she said would also be willing to do sexual things with him, court documents state.

After the 28-year-old woman left the room, the third woman arrived. She agreed to have sex with Jemmet in exchange for money. He then notified other detectives, who "intervened," court documents state.

According to a statement by a Salt Lake City Police Department detective, Dering said she does not have a massage license. She said she pays the mortgage on the house and other women provide massages and other services there.

Dering admitted to police that she spoke with Jemmet and arranged for him to come visit and see four women. Court documents state she knew women provided "happy endings" there, and that she shares in the proceeds from services provided at the house.

Dering faces two charges:

  • Exploiting prostitution, a 3rd-degree felony
  • Unlawful massage therapy, a class A misdemeanor

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