37-year-old woman killed in Kearns car crash

38-year-old woman killed in Kearns car crash. (Photo: Tiffany Justice)

(KUTV) — Becky Bell, 37, died after she was hit by a Granite School district school bus at 7:00 a.m.

Bell, who lives in the area, was crossing 5400 S. near the intersection of 5240 W. She was trying to reach a UTA bus. Bell died on the scene.

The area in which the crash occurred was closed for several hours following the crash.

Two students, a student aid, and the bus driver were the only people aboard the school bus, which is designated for severely disabled children who attend Hartvigsen, a special needs school.

The children who were aboard the bus were reportedly sent to school despite the crash.

The bus driver was placed on leave and is being required to take a drug test.

5500 S. in Kearns is a very accident prone street. According to Unified Police Department, it is possible that a light could be put up or the speed limit changed.

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