18-year-old killed by Ogden police identified

18-year-old killed by Ogden police identified (Ogden Police)

(KUTV) -- The Ogden Police Department has released the name of the 18-year-old shot and killed while police were responding to an armed robbery.

18-year-old Anthony Ray Borden-Cortez died after allegedly pulling a gun on a police officer after a pursuit.

Ogden police were assisting Woods Cross police in tracking down Borden-Cortez in a stolen vehicle on Tuesday.

A device was deployed to stop the vehicle and the suspect continued fleeing with a flat tire, Ogden Deputy Police Chief Eric Young said in a press conference.

The vehicle struck two other vehicles and a law enforcement vehicle in the area of 12th Street and Depot Drive before coming to a stop, Young said.

An Ogden officer was commanding Borden-Cortez to exit the vehicle when Borden-Cortez pointed a gun at the officer, Young said, and the officer shot the 18-year-old.

Borden-Cortez was treated at the scene and transported to McKay-Dee Hospital, where he passed away from his injuries.

The deceased suspect was wanted in connection with multiple armed robberies in Davis and Weber Counties.

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